How will waivers help my rental business?

Our detailed and tailored liability release waivers will offer protection against a lawsuit ever being brought against you. And in the rare case a lawsuit is brought against you, a team of independent attorneys will defend your waiver at no additional cost to you.

If I have insurance, why do I need HostShield Waiver Defense?

Insurance doesn’t actually protect you or your rental business from a lawsuit. In fact, if you are sued for more than your insurance limits you could be on the hook for the excess amount. In the worst-case scenario, your property could be seized to satisfy a judgment. Our liability waivers operate to prevent a lawsuit from ever happening. While HostShield is not a substitute for insurance, our liability waivers will serve as the first line of defense and could very well protect you from the hassle of litigation.

If I already use waivers, why should I use custom waivers?

Most waivers found online are generic templates that are likely not enforceable in court. Unlike these generic waivers, or waivers are custom to your property and backed by our Waiver Defense guarantee.

Why do I need to create an LLC?

Creating a Limited Liability Corporation legally separates the business from the owner(s). This protects any personal assets such as your home and bank account in the case of a lawsuit against your LLC.

How vulnerable are hosts who don't have waivers?

Extremely. Even with rental insurance, there is opportunity for a lawsuit if an injury were to happen on your property. HostShield Waiver Defense eliminates that opportunity.

How long after I join can I use the plan?

Immediately! After signing up and creating your custom waiver, you will be ready to send to future guests.

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